Flightless Fruit Fly Giveaway

Welcome to the first Petiles Giveaway!

I’m giving away a flightless fruit fly kit from LLLReptile to one lucky winner. Below is the product description:
LLLReptile Fruit Fly Kit


With this kit, you will receive the following:

  • 2 Fruit Fly Cultures
  • 1 Package of 16 ounce Repashy Superfly Food
  • 10 24 ounce Fruit Fly Containers
  • Excelsior to increase the surface area inside your cultures

The 2 Fruit Fly cultures will be enough to create 10 cultures using all of your materials.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simple, fill out the form below to sign up for the Petiles mailing list. The winner will be chosen from our subscribers.

The lucky winner will be able to choose either Melanogaster or Hydei cultures.

This contest is only open to applicants from the US. Sorry! I will try to have a global giveaway in the future.

The Winner Will Be Chosen on April 10th!

An announcement will be made on Facebook and Twitter along with a post on this blog. The winner will be contacted shortly after being chosen in order to get shipping information and their choice of fruit fly species. If I do not receive a reply from the winner within 3 DAYS, a new winner will be chosen and announced.

Petiles Sign Up Form


Please note that all names and email addresses received will be used strictly for the petiles mailing list. No ones information will be given away. I take your privacy very seriously and appreciate the time you take to check out my website.