Breeding Reptiles: Is It A Good Idea For You?

As cute as our reptiles are, baby reptiles are even more adorable! You may find yourself wondering from time to time if breeding them would be a good idea. There are many different factors to consider before jumping into reptile breeding. Let’s go over a few of them.

Reason for Breeding

Each person has their own reason for wanting to breed their reptiles. You must consider exactly why you want to get into it. Whether it’s for money or your love for the species, it does affect the answer to whether you should or shouldn’t breed them. It can seem like a great idea for making a bit of extra money, there are plenty of people out there who want healthy, captive-bred reptiles. The problem is that a lot of the popular species, like leopard geckos or crested geckos, are oversaturated on the market. Unless you are a big-name breeder with a good reputation, you probably won’t make that much.



Baby Gold Dust Day Gecko
It can be expensive just purchasing your reptile and the items they need. Now let’s think about what you would need to take care of a decent number of their babies. You need a rack system for most species which is going to run you around $300 to $1000. Normally, you need a couple of different racks so you can move your reptiles as they grow from hatchlings to juveniles. While this initial cost is a lot, the racks will last you for a few years so it can be worth it. Additionally, you must be able to pay for all their food and vitamins. Time is another cost to consider, there is a difference between taking care of three reptiles and taking care for 40 of them.

Reptile Racks

AP Cages Reptile Rack

AP Cages Reptile Rack

Most species you breed are going to require you to have some sort of rack system. Professional rack systems are available and will run you from $150 to $2,000. It all depends on the type of tubs, the number of tubs it can hold, and the heat source. That’s just for the rack itself (and possibly the heating as well). Additionally, you need a very good thermostat to control the heating of the tubs. Sometimes you can save a bit of money by building your own, but it’s not always recommended. It can be hard if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.


Breeding Supplies


Egg Incubator
Unless you are breeding a species like the Blue Tongue Skink, you will have to take care of the eggs once they are laid. This means that you will need deli cups with vented lids, perlite, and an incubator. Before thinking about the eggs though, you need to think about the health of your females. Gravid females need additional calcium to prevent egg-binding and keep your female healthy while they are producing eggs. These are just the critical items. Other things to consider having are digital scales, spray bottles, and food and water bowls.


Feeder Insects

If you can’t maintain a constant supply of appropriately-sized feeder insects, don’t even bother breeding your reptiles. If you purchase your feeders each month, it can cost you around $100 every few months just have enough available. This can be offset by breeding your own insects, but then you have to consider the costs of taking care of them as well.




If you are looking to make a profit breeding reptiles, you might want to look for another idea. It’s very hard to make a profit, especially with a species that the market is saturated with. However, if you want to breed them because you love the species and love raising reptiles, it might be worth it as a hobby if you have the money. Just make sure that you are 100% ready to breed them before going through with it. Complete as much research as you can on the species you want to breed and know exactly what goes into breeding them.

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