Reptile Breeder Review: Geckos ETC.

It’s important when purchasing a reptile from an online breeder to do your homework. Scour the internet for testimonials from people who have bought from them before. Take note of all the negative, as well as positive, feedback before making a decision. I want to start helping out a little by talking about the breeders that I have had some experience with. So today, I want to give you my view on the professional breeder site Geckos ETC. Before we start, I just want to say that I have not been asked to make this review, I am not being paid or receiving anything in return for writing this review. This is simply me sharing my own opinion about this breeder.



Steve and Debra Sykes

Steve and Debra Sykes, Owners of Geckos ETC. Image by Steve Sykes.

Geckos ETC. is owned by a couple, Steve and Debra Sykes. They specialize in breeding Leopard Geckos and Knobtail geckos. Additionally, they also offer African Fat Tails, Rosy Boas, and Western Hognoses. Steve Sykes has had extensive experience with many different species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, and insects. He has been breeding and raising Leopard Geckos since 1996.

Sindra crawling on my back.

Sindra, short for Sindragosa, crawling down my back.

Jyn Erso watching me while I work.

Jyn Erso watching me while I work.


Like I said in the intro to this article, I have had some experience with Geckos ETC. In October, I purchased my little leopard gecko, Sindra, from them. Recently, I also purchased my western Hognose from them as well. I can say with one hundred percent certainty, that Steve, Debra, and their team know what they are doing. Both Sindra and Jyn Erso are highlights during my day, they have so much personality and I know they were well cared for before coming into my care. But what is it that separates Geckos ETC. from other online breeders?




Besides the excellent care and passion for raising these reptiles, they have a couple of leopard gecko morphs that you just can’t get from anyone else currently. A number of these are very expensive, but if you are a collector of beautiful, rare leopard geckos then you want to take a look at the following two morphs:

1. Giant Leopard Geckos

Godzilla, the largest leopard gecko in the world.

Godzilla, record holder for largest leopard gecko in the world. Image by Steve Sykes. Geckos ETC.

Now, I know there are a few breeders you can go to and buy Giant Leopard Geckos from. What makes Geckos ETC stand out though is they are the owners of Godzilla, who is the record holder for largest Leopard Gecko in the world. Godzilla weighs about 170 grams and came in at a length of almost one foot. That is crazy for a Leopard Gecko! Geckos ETC. sell Godzilla’s children and grandchildren on their site.  For example, right now they have one of his grandchildren up for sale who comes in at 153 grams.


2. Lemon Frost Morph

Patternless Lemon Frost Morph

Patternless Lemon Frost Morph. Image by Steve Sykes. Geckos ETC.

This is a brand new morph that Geckos ETC. had been working on for a while. I actually was on the site the day some of these guys went up for sale. Every single one they had for sale was sold, or put on hold, that very day. It’s a really impressive new morph that you just can’t get anywhere else right now.


While those two examples are pretty expensive, they have just about every other morph you can think of available. One of my favorite features of their site is the “$150 or less” page. So even people who are on a budget, like me, can find a new leopard gecko friend. Let’s sum up the pros below:

  • Huge variety of morphs, including ones you can’t get elsewhere
  • $150 or Less page lets you find a leopard gecko even when on a budget.
  • Can tell they have a true passion for raising their reptiles
  • Great Support when you have questions




I won’t lie, I’m going to be a little hard pressed for this section so please forgive me if I’m a little too nitpicky for your tastes. Most of this has nothing to do with the reptiles you receive, my main problems are with a couple of issues regarding the site’s design. As well as being a lover of reptiles, I am also a web developer so just bear with me.

First, I ran into a small issue when I wanted to order my little gecko Sindra. I sent in the request for her and found out that someone had requested her at some point before me. It would be nice if there was an update for the geckos to at least say that they have been inquired about and are waiting for a response. Thankfully, Geckos ETC worked with me and since they did not hear back from the other person, I managed to get Sindra. Like I said above, this isn’t a huge issue but it would be nice to know before sending in the request.

Surfing Geckos ETC on my phone.

In order to view the available list, I have to hold down on the button for it, wait for this to pop up, then click off of it.

My last nitpicky point is the mobile design for the site. I love checking every so often on my phone to see any new species they have put up. When I try to search by morph though, it’s hard because I can’t see the entire list on my phone. Also in order to have the list open up and not just go to the morphs page, I have to hold down the morphs link. It’s not a bad site, it’s just not the easiest to use. So let’s sum up the cons below.

  • No way to know if a gecko is currently being inquired about
  • Mobile Site needs some work
  • Website seems slightly out of date, like a site you would see from the 90s


Overall, Geckos ETC. is a wonderful site to purchase your new leopard gecko. They obviously care about their reptiles and have a passion for raising healthy, well-cared for reptiles. Even if you are on a budget, you can find a new friend to buy from them. It’s easy to reach them through email and they will work with you if there are any problems that arise. I give them a 4.5 out of 5. If you are looking for a new leopard gecko (or hognose, African fat tail, etc.), please go give their site a look.

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