Exo Terra Terrarium Lock Review

Product Review: Exo Terra Terrarium Lock

Sometimes you need to lock your reptile’s cage to keep nosy people out. Two of my reptiles, Jyn Erso and Sammy, stay in my office. Every so often on the weekends, a cleaning crew comes in and they like to bring their children sometimes. I don’t want any children seeing my pets and deciding they want to play with them. So I purchased the Exo Terra Terrarium lock to keep people out. Let’s just say that my experience with this lock was not the best.

The Good

As a lock, this product certainly does exactly what it promises. It is able to easily fit through the door handle holes in an exo terra terrarium and lock.  The design of the lock is neat and I like having the Exo Terra logo on it. It’s also simply to change the combination to whatever number you want. There is a little grey button you push in on the bottom, set the code to what you want, and then release it. The lock has to be released in order to change the combination. To sum it up:

  • Does its job
  • Neat Design
  • Simple and Easy to use

The Bad

For the price, it’s a bit too cheaply made. It’s nice to have a lock, but you want one that’s not going to fall apart after months of use. If you forget the code you set you will either have to go through all possible combinations or just cut it off of your cage and buy another lock. The combination cannot be changed if the lock is actually locked at the time. The case of the lock is made out of cheap plastic, it’s easy to pry off the plastic which makes the lock useless. To sum up the bad:

  • Too expensive for the quality you get
  • Flimsy, can fall apart after a few months
  • Cheap plastic is easy to pry off
  • Forgot the combination, you will have to destroy the lock to get it off.


2 / 5

I gave this product that rating mainly because the price you pay isn’t worth the product quality you’re getting. There are a number of quality locks on the market that can achieve the same goal for a reasonable price. It’s easy to find a lock for close to the same price that will last you for years.

I have personally tried the exo terra lock. It took me about fifteen minutes to make it so I couldn’t actually use it. All I did was change the combination like in the instructions. The lock would not open again using the combination that I had put in, but it also wouldn’t open using the default combination. I tested combinations on either side of what I set it to, but nothing worked. Frustrating is the best word to describe the whole situation.

I currently use a couple Travellows Combination Luggage locks. They are high quality and extremely easy to use. I have had zero issues with them. They are currently sold out of ones made by Travellows on Amazon, but there is a lock that is basically the same available for purchase. It is listed below.

GVA TSA Combination Lock

Do you agree or disagree with my rating for the Exo Terra Lock? Leave a comment below and tell me why!

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